cme 2018


Why is transmission so important?What do we want to transmit to our children and grandchildren, to future generations?
Which characteristics of our faith do we not want to lose?
How do we share our Mennonite Christian convictions?
These are the questions that inspired our reflections on this conference and impelled us to choose transmission as our theme. We have all received a heritage from our parents or other people who have influenced our lives. How do we transmit that to following generations? This is something for all of us to consider.

Joël Haldemann, president of the EMC 2018 steering committee


Comforter-making workshop

Auditorium of the Roselière building • open to EMC participants and to the public
Workshops on making comforters will be offered during the conference. All comforters made will be shipped to refugee camps in the Middle East. 
Call to EMC participants:
1. Bring along fabric for the comforters, sized at least 11cm x 11 cm. For example: an old shirt or a tea towel. They should be washed (important!) but need not be new.
2. Tell the story of old refugee blankets
If you or your family or acquaintances have old MCC refugee comforters from WWII in your possession, we would like to record the stories around these blankets. This is possible either at the conference or, for those unable to attend the EMC 2018, at an agreed time and place.
Please contact Mari Friesen, quilt@cme2018


Collection of material aid, financial donations, and a relief work camp in 2018

Two current projects will be presented at the EMC.
1. Each church conference (via its specific relief organisation) is collecting refugee comforters and socks, MCC kits, as well financial donations for the Middle East, similar to the 2015 shipment collected by Dutch, German, Swiss and French Mennonites. At the EMC 2018 we can all participate hands-on!
2. A relief camp is planned in the DR Congo with young Europeans, for summer 2018. Financial donations of €15,000 will be allocated for material relief in this project.